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Guide for Admins (Captains): All Admins are also Moderators and should follow guidelines in the 'Moderators' section. In addition, please note the following:

  • Daniel and Mo are the Captains responsible for the day to day running of the ship. Any issues relating to Facebook go to Anne-Marie. NOTE: Only Daniel and Mo may approve new Pirates.

  • An Admin should never create or delete another Admin, unless in an emergency. Always consult with another Captain. This is very important!

  • Always feel free to recommend Admins from the Moderators to the Captains, but never promote one without prior discussion.

  • As Captain your duties include starting interesting posts that encourage others to join in, in a fun way. You'll lead the ship! We can help you with this to get you started; please ask!

  • The Admin responsible for Moderator Coordination is currently Captain Daniel. He will be on the lookout for new Moderators as we grow in size and will consider those who have been on the ship at least 4 weeks and have a good track record of giving support.

  • Captain Mo and Anne-Marie are friends of the Captain, very good people to ask advice when Captain Daniel is not about! In any emergency, post on the Black Pearl, there's always someone available!

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